Bruce F. Hoffman, MS, LEEDAP


Bruce has been interested in environmental issues since the late 60’s. He was involved in the First Earth Day in 1970 and has kept that passion to today by implementing energy efficiency guidelines and resources to reduce the burden energy places on our planet.
Early on, he recognized that some people are driven by the desire to keep our planet growing for future generations. While that’s a good goal, he came to realize that just about everyone in our country is also into another kind of green–saving money. After this realization, he began to steer his education and business in a direction for a greener planet and lower costs for everyone.

Gulf GeoExchange & Consulting Services Inc. is that realization fulfilled. Bruce strives to provide cost saving measures that improve bottom lines while having the upside of reducing stress on our environment (without having to be a tree hugger or Earth Day enthusiast). After 30 years of service, Bruce is happy to shout “It works!”

Bruce’s personal goals are achieved when the result of passion meeting business are clients happy with results. He is honored to have his children follow his path; an added reward which is greater than any business accomplishment, except of course to pay the bills.