Services & Resources

Our Primary Service

Our main service is to provide our clients with a free energy assessment to help them save money.

What’s an energy assessment?

We begin with a discussion of your situation. Our assessment covers lighting, air conditioning, boilers, chillers, heaters, and other energy consumers. After the assessment we provide recommendations on changes that will result in less money out of your pocket each month.

Did you know?

Typically lighting is the easiest and quickest method to reduce your cost of energy. Advances in lighting allow reductions in energy usage by40% -80% and sometimes more, just by changing out light bulbs.

Our Capabilities

  • We have an international network of the best LED products available and also other mechanical systems. We provide LED lighting products and install them.
  • We have network of engineers and contractors to install any mechanical system that we recommend.
  • Have your own installers? Great! We will work with your team to get the best quality and prices for the products we recommend.
  • Looking to take advantage of energy saving incentives, rebates, and tax credits? We provide everything and assist with any documentation required to receive to make the most of incentives.